Dr. Marsha Kleinbauer
Post:TU Kaiserslautern
Postfach 3049
67663 Kaiserslautern
Email: kleinbauer [at] cs.uni-kl.de

Research Interests:

  • Spectral Graph Theory
  • Patterns in Complex Networks
  • Activity Recognition for Sensor Data
  • Graph Algorithms in Chemistry

Current Projects:

Activity Recognition for Sensor Networks

The data produced by moving sensors is analyzed. Can we derive a graph
representing the physical layout of a mall or exhibit when all we are
given is data about the interactions of moving sensors?

Spectral Graph Theoretic Approaches to Complex Network Analysis

Using the relation between the eigenvalues of a graph and the
occurences of subgraphs of that graph, we seek to determine
statistically significant patterns in large networks. Are results
estimating the eigenvalues of large graphs good enough to also
estimate subgraph counts?

Graph Representations of Race Conditions

Given a UML diagram, we build a set of graphs and seek to determine
pairs of possible race conditions.

Link Assessment

Analyzing the links between wikipedia pages and between users, films,
and ratings of Netflix data.


Education & Work History:

  • 2015 -- present

Postdoctorate, Graph Theory and Complex Analysis Group, Supervisor:
Prof. Katharina Zweig, TU Kaiserslautern

Awarded a personal grant by the TU Kaiserslautern Nachwuchsring for
the project: Spectral Graph Theoretic Approaches for Analyzing Complex

  • 2014 -- 2015

Affiliate Research Associate, Mathematical Sciences Department,
Supervisor: Prof. Ian Wanless, Monash University (Australia)

  • 2009 -- 2014

Doctorate, Mathematical Sciences Department, Supervisor: Prof. Ian
Wanless, Monash University (Australia)

  • 2007 -- 2008

Bachelor's Degree in Education, University of Victoria (Canada)

  • 2003 -- 2006

Bachelor Honour's Degree in Science, major: Mathematics, minor:
Computer Science, University of Victoria (Canada)



  • Kleinbauer, M. and McKay, B. D. (2016), Playing Checkers on a Donut: Visualizing the only quartic vertex-transitive integral graph on 32 vertices. YRS 2016. To appear.
  • Minchenko, M. and Wanless, I. M. (2015), Quartic integral Cayley graphs. Ars Math. Contemp., 8: 381–408.
  • Minchenko, M. (2014), Counting subgraphs of regular graphs usingspectral moments. PhD thesis, Monash University.
  • Minchenko, M. and Wanless, I. M. (2014), Spectral moments of regular graphs in terms of subgraph counts. Linear Algebra Appl., 446:166–176.
  • W. Myrvold, B. Bultena, S. Daugherty, B. Debroni, S. Girn,M. Minchenko, J.  Woodcock, and P. Fowler (2007), FuiGui: a graphical user interface for investigating conjectures about fullerenes. MATCH Commun. Math. Comput. Chem., 58 (2): 403–422.


Here is my CV.